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Whether you’re buying or selling your first (or tenth) home, foreclosing, or trying to get out of a reverse mortgage, I can help. I also have a full legal team that can handle probate matters and complex legal cases that most real estate brokers aren’t equipped to deal with.

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Ray Whitby

Ray Whitby

Lead Broker

I’m going to tell you something you’ve probably never heard from a realtor: I may not be the best fit for you.

I’ve been in real estate since 1998 and I’m one of the most experienced agents in the East Valley. I believe there’s a good chance I can help you solve just about any problem in real estate, but if I think someone else is better able to help you, I’ll tell you that. I’m all about excellent customer service and building long-term, win-win relationships—not chasing commissions. You have my word.

Cell: 480-251-1313 | Email: Ray@RealTHomes.com

20+ Years Experience

Buying or selling a home is a straightforward process—sometimes. There are hundreds of complications that can crop up in any transaction. I’ve seen them all, and I’ll be in your corner when you need expert help.

Free Property Appraisals

Consultations are always free of charge. Whether you’re buying, selling, or flipping a rental property, I’ll come give you my honest opinion, backed by more than two decades of experience.

Best Rates in Town, No Hidden Fees

I could charge you the same arm-and-a-leg that other realtors do just to get a bigger check—or I could earn your trust, referrals, and repeat business by giving you the best possible price. Option B sounds better to me.

A Real Estate Agent You Can Actually Trust

I have 20+ years of experience in both retail and wholesale real estate. My clients love me—let one of them tell you why.

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Need out of a reverse mortgage? Facing foreclosure? Just looking for your dream home? Let me know how I can help.